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If you’re interested in ordering a frameset you can either call or email us. Roland doesn’t have a computer, so emails will be replied to by support staff.



Corsa Speciale - $1,999

Corsa Speciale - $1,999

Ossobuco – $2,299

Ossobuco – $2,299


Although every DS frame is custom to a large degree, Roland doesn’t consider himself a custom framebuilder, meaning he sticks within certain parameters, namely racing ones.

You really don’t need to know much about the complexities of frame design to be properly fitted for a DS. A seat tube length, top tube length and seat tube angle will get you going.

If you’re unsure of correct sizing Roland can either take measurements from your current favorite steed or he can extrapolate the numbers from a few key measurements like overall height and leg length.

A qualified bicycle shop can also be helpful in determining size. Just be aware that an expensive full-blown sizing is often unnecessary to be correctly fitted on a Della Santa.

Standard Equipment

[Included in Price]

Single color paint

Ergo stop adjuster screws

Dropout adjusters screws

Under bottom bracket cable guide

Stainless seatpost binder bolt

Threaded or threadless headset (installed)

Modern Classic Frame and Fork Specs

Seat tube: 28.6 diameter

Top tube: 28.6 diameter

Down tube: 31.7 diameter

Chainstays: 30x16mm

Seatstays: 14mm

Steering column: 25.4 (1-inch) threaded or threadless

Bottom bracket thread: 36x24 Italian

Rear spacing: 130mm, horizontal rear dropouts with adjusting screws

Classic Frame and Fork Specs

Seat tube: 28.6 diameter

Top tube: 25.4 diameter

Down tube: 28.6 diameter

Chainstays: 22.2mm

Seatstays: 14mm Double Taper Bicon

Steering column: 25.4 (1-inch) threaded

Bottom bracket thread: 36x24 Italian

Rear spacing: 120mm to 130mm, horizontal rear dropouts with adjusting screws

Standard Braze-Ons and Fittings

5mm Threaded stops on lower head lug

Seat tube and down tube water bottle cage mounts

Pump peg on back side of head tube

Chainstay derailleur cable stop

Front derailleur braze-on mount if needed (specify, standard, compact or mid-compact)

Top tube brake cable split guides

Additional Options

Top tube internal brake cable: $70

Silca pump painted to match (fitted under top tube) : $40

Paint Additions

Panel colors: $60 per panel

Fade panel: $60 per panel

Candy apple colors: $60 per frame

Pearl top coat: $60 per frame

Custom mixed colors: $100 per color

What You Can Get

A beautifully made all-steel lugged frame and fork.

A frameset that fits either modern or vintage components, preferably Campagnolo.

A frame that fits you just right, designed around a traditional racing format and rider position.

Hand-filed lugs and tightly brazed joints, all highlighted by a tasteful paint job and Della Santa decals.

A frameset at a reasonable price, delivered in a timely manner.

Racing stories, rider stories, old Navy stories, old Reno stories, Old Reno Italian stories…


What You Can’t Get

A frame made from carbon, aluminum, titanium, bamboo, whalebone, etc.

Sorry, but Della Santas don’t accommodate disc brakes, aftermarket forks or larger diameter tubing.

 A huge headtube extension, sky-high handlebars, whacky frame angles.

Your own custom-made graphics, lugs filed into flames, an airbrushed scene of a nude girl riding a dragon.

Overpricing, chip-on-the-shoulder attitude or anything resembling artisanal blather.

Off the phone or out of the shop in less than 1 hour.

Complete builds are also available. Contact us to get a quote.