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If you’re interested in ordering a frameset you can either call or email us. Roland doesn’t have a computer, so emails will be replied to by support staff.


This has been Roland’s “bread and butter” bike since 1971. The tubing has gotten thinner and more sophisticated, but the design is still very much the same. Corsas are reminiscent of traditional stage-racing bikes, quick and nimble, but not at the expense of overall roadworthiness. They are fast climbers and are renowned for being absolute demons on descents.

The Ossobuco, or “hole in bone” is a take on Masi’s Prestige with Chronometro slotted chainstays. Roland always wanted to incorporate a similar design into one of his frames and in 2008 began building Ossobucos.

The stays are mounted into a custom-made jig and then drilled with 12 holes of various sizes. Each slot is filled with tubing and filed smooth, a process that takes roughly 8 hours. As to whether Ossobuco stays improve performance, that’s a firm “maybe”. Nevertheless, they’re very unique and cool as heck, which was Roland’s goal all along.